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This is a Syndie archive

You are viewing a Syndie archive, containing encrypted and often pseudonymously authored messages. If you install Syndie and tell it to pull this archive's content, you can read what is being said, assuming you've got the keys to do so.

The operator of this archive has no control over what is said, and can neither monitor nor modify that content. The operator disclaims any responsibility for what is included herein. If you are aware of content in this archive that violates the law in the jurisdiction that the archive is in, please send a signed affidavit to the archive operator declaring such, providing both the full URL to the Syndie post in question, as well as any decryption keys necessary to confirm the legitimacy of such a claim.

Note, however, that removing content from this one archive does not remove it from the forum. To do so, you would have to find everyone who has the content and get them to remove it as well, using whatever lawful methods are available in their jurisdiction. There is no list of who has what content, or what archives are used for various forums, and there is nothing preventing content from being wrapped up in other uncensored posts, or re-encrypted with different keys. Feel free to put your finger in the dyke, if it makes you feel better.